Decorative Ball Chain Curtains

Hunter Douglas Hospitality is proud to serve as the exclusive distributor of Ball Chain’s ShimmerScreen® decorative metal ball chain curtains for the U.S. hotel and hospitality market. A favorite of the architectural and design world since it was introduced in 2002, ShimmerScreen’s revolutionary style and functionality make it a perfect addition to Hunter Douglas Hospitality’s product offering. Custom fitted according to individual specifications and available in a variety of finishes, shapes, sizes, and colors, ShimmerScreen can be utilized to create stationary room dividers, area separators, partitions, window treatments, modern curtains, and more.

Key Features

  • Add elegance and mood to any space
  • Wide variety of styles, textures, shapes, sizes, and colors to match any inspiration
  • Divide space without introducing barriers
  • Stationary track system for custom projects including beaded curtains, room dividers, space partitions, wall coverings, window treatments, and more
  • Installations services available
  • Made in the USA
Curved Track

Design Options

The standard base material used for the beads is carbon steel, with the exception of the Aluminum and Stainless Steel finishes that use their respective metal as a base. Brass, which does not rust, can be used as a base material if the finish is requested for an indoor area with high moisture content. Stainless Steel is the only material recommended for outdoor use and is a good option for areas with high moisture such as salons and spas.

Round: The classic round ball chain style.

Faceted: Adds life by enhancing light reflection.

Ball-Bar: A great alternative that adds a crisp, clean style.

Sizing Chart

Size Availability


Track Options

All track options are made of 1/8″ aluminum. Curved tracks can have a minimum diameter of 12″. ShimmerScreen can weigh between 1.5 – 4 lbs per square foot depending on the diameter and material. Suitable support must be in place prior to installation, please contact us or visit to confirm the weight of your ShimmerScreen project.


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Styles and Finishes

Color images are for illustration purposes only. For accurate specification, please request product samples.







Nickel Plated Steel or Brass

Stainless Steel

Satin Steel

Dungeon (over carbon steel or yellow brass)

Gun Metal (over carbon steel or yellow brass)

Yellow Brass

Brass Plated Steel

Antique Brown (over carbon steel or yellow brass)

Medieval Brass (over carbon steel or yellow brass)

Mystic Red (over carbon steel or yellow brass)

Custom Color - Contact Samples Department for details - Minimums apply