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Bed Skirts


Any size and style of bed skirts, from simple box spring huggers to classic pleated styles.  Our innovative SmartZip Bed Skirt offers significant improvements in care and replacement, with hidden zippers on three sides that allow removal of the skirt without moving the mattress.

Key Features
  • Available in tailored, cap, box-pleated and hugger styles
  • Comprehensive QA during manufacturing - each skirt installed on a bed to ensure quality
  • Available with COM fabrics
  • Excellent lead times - 4-6 weeks on average and less for rush orders
  • Competitive pricing

SmartZip Bed Skirt

  • Quick removal
  • Easy to launder
  • 50% savings for attick stock
  • Effective way to refresh rooms
  • No need to lift entire mattress
  • Hidden zippers on three sides
  • Corner features eliminate shifting
  • Reduced risk for injury