Laurinda Spear Collection

Laurinda Spear, a founding principal of Arquitectonica, created this bold and versatile collection of roller shade designs.

“The scale of these shapes and patterns is large enough to work as a backdrop for any interior space — however, they are also designed so they can be legible as a coherent exterior design, part of the façade.” — Laurinda Spear

How to make shades

Creating customized designs with color, form, texture, and screen fabric.

Step 1 – Color

Select a color palette that fits your vision.

Step 2 – Forms & textures

Add forms and textures as desired.

Step 3 – Blends

Add blends and gradients as desired.

Step 4 – Fabrics

Combine the visual designs with one of our shading fabrics.

Step 5 – Put it together

Sample Request Forms (PDF)