Duvets & Coverlets

Fabricated Bedding

From a simple top sheet to our innovative SmartZip Duvet, our bedding fabrication capabilities will fit your hospitality needs.

Key Features

  • Wide range of duvet and coverlet styles
  • Flexible fabrication options, including closures, decorative details, and more
  • Experience with project-specific requirements for look, performance, and cost
  • Available with COM fabrics
  • Competitive pricing

Fabrication Details

Standard Fabrication Details for all Bedding Styles

    • Square corners at top and rounded corners at bottom (square corners at bottom available upon request)
    • Reinforced top stitch around perimeter with 0.5″ stitches
    • Pillow-cased edge
    • Drop depth specified by the customer:
      • Bedspreads should extend to the floor
      • Coverlets are recommended to be 3″ longer< than the mattress depth

Design Options

Top Sheet

      •  Unquilted protective cover that can be self-lined, unlined, or lined with a contrasting fabric


      •  Styles: cap, waterfall, or open corner with gussets available


      • Versatile and easy to remove
      • Self-lined and highly customizable
      • Closures: zipper (standard), envelope, or buttons
      • Reversible upon request

SmartZip Duvet Cover

      • Secures the duvet insert in place with a zipper to provide a clean crisp look, quick and easy changes, and eliminate sagging and shifting
      • Duvet insert with zipper included (customer to specify fill weight)
      • Insert is fully covered on front and partially exposed on back
SmartZip Duvet Detail

Available bedding options (additional lead times required)

    • Pillow Tuck: 18″ standard
    • Edge Styles: flange, welting (matching or coordinating fabric), or banding (customer specified size)
    • Quilting available with customer specified fill weight for 54″ and 126″ widths
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