Faux Woods FR

Horizontal Blinds

Our Faux Woods FR blinds are a beautiful choice for hospitality applications. They meet demanding performance requirements at a cost-effective price and are well suited for areas with high humidity.

Recommended applications

  • Light Filtering
  • Room Darkening

Key Features

  • Faux Woods create a natural look that’s attractive and extraordinarily durable
  • The blend of polymer and composite materials resists moisture and will not warp or peel
  • Available in 2″ & 2 1/2″ slat size (see specifications below)
  • Slats are fire retardant and pass NFPA 701
  • Features a standard cord tilt and lift for smooth operation and long-life performance
  • Includes a 3″ Contoured Valance with an easy magnetic installation

Faux Woods FR should not be paired with other window coverings (cornices, roller shades, drapery). This combination will trap heat between the blind and the window resulting in slat warping over time.


Standard Operating System

Corded Lift with ANSI compliant Cord Stop and Wand Tilt

2″ slats Wand Tilt (Standard)
Available Upon Request Cord Tilt and Motorized Tilt

2.5″ slats Cord Tilt (Standard)
Available Upon Request Motorized Tilt



  • Two-on-One — Standard rectangular shades share the same headrail but operate independently; perfect for extra-wide windows
    • Controls must be:  Left Blind — Left/Left, Right Blind — Right/Right
  • Cord Tilt and Motorized Tilt available
  • Cut-outs available on all slat sizes


Color and Sizes

Single Blind

Minimum Width 2″ slats 7″
Minimum Width 2.5″ slats 7″

Maximum Width Recommended* All Slat Sizes 72″

Minimum Height 2″ slats 12″
Minimum Height 2.5″ slats 12″

Maximum Height 2″ slats 126″
Maximum Height 2.5″ slats 96″

*Widths over 72″: Two or Three blinds with a common valance is recommended

Note: Blinds that measure 12″ – 17 7/8″ must have split control. Blinds that measure 7″ – 12″ require center tilt only

Mounting Requirements
Headrail Dimensions 2″ x 2.25″
Minimum Mounting Space Required 1.125″
Flush Mounting Space Required
2″ & 2.5″ slats — 3″
Outside Mount Flat Space Required 2.25″
Cord Tilt Return 2.875″
Wand Tilt Return 3.25″
Minimum Return 0.5″

Blinds with wand tilt will require a spacer added to the backside of the valance

Care and Cleaning
Regular cleaning with a feather duster or soft, clean cloth is suggested. Blinds may also be cleaned using a hand-held vacuum with a brush attachment on low suction.



Horizontal Blinds Tilt Motorization

Hunter Douglas Hospitality utilizes Otto™ Home Control for horizontal blinds tilt motorization.

Key Features

  • Motorized tilt opens and closes the slats on a manual lift and lowering blind
  • Available on 2″ and 2-1/2″ wood blinds
  • Three power options: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Power, Battery wand or Plug-in
  • Radio Frequency Control Options include remote, surface mount wall switch or cut-in wall switch
  • Wi-Fi control through the Otto Home Control Mobile App


Minimum Width 24″
Maximum Square Feet 44 square feet (per blind max)

Otto Home Control Mobile App
Otto Rechargeable Battery Pack

Power Options


Otto Rechargeable Battery Power Tilt

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Technology
  • Uses a 12V wall charger
  • 500 up/down cycles per charge, approximately 1.5 years with one cycle per day
  • 500 recharges per motor

Otto Battery Power Tilt

  • Reloadable battery wand
  • Uses 8 AA lithium batteries

Otto Plug-In Power Tilt

  • 12 V DC Wall Plug
Radio Frequency Otto Controls (left to right): 15 Channel Cut-In Wall, 5 Channel Surface Mount Wall Switch, 1 Channel Remote, 15 Channel Remote

Control Options


Radio Frequency Control

  • Single Channel or 15 Channel Remote
  • 5 Channel Surface Mount Wall Switch
  • 1, 2 or 15 Channel Cut-In Wall Switch

Otto Home Control Mobile App

  • Requires a Wi-Fi Bridge and an Apple or Android device


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Color Ways

Standard Slat Size — 2″; Some colors are available in 2.5″. Color images are for illustration purposes only. For accurate specification, please request product samples.

Faux Woods FR


Antique White


Dark Grey

Sea Mist