Pinch Pleat

Fabricated Drapery

Pinch-pleat (including French and Parisian pleat) fabrication creates a full, even look to drapery. This style of treatment gives superior light control and is a good solution for guest rooms and other areas where blackout is desirable.

Recommended applications

  • Blackout
  • Light Filtering

Key Features

  • Features three-finger pinch pleats spaced approximately 3″ to 5″ apart
  • Attaches to slide carriers with slip-in or pin-on hooks
  • Fullness of pleats is typically 200% to 250%
  • Four lining options including 2-pass and 3-pass blackout
  • Drapery available in center-open, off-center open, one-way draw, or stationary
  • Motorization available
  • All specified fabrics should meet NFPA 701 fire-rating requirements
  • Hunter Douglas Hospitality uses customer’s own material (COM) except for specified brand standards
Drai’s Beach Club & Night Club, Las Vegas, NV
GIADA'S, The Cromwell, Las Vegas, NV
Drai’s Beach Club & Night Club, Las Vegas, NV

Fabrication Details

  • Three-finger pinch pleats spaced approximately 3″ to 5″ apart
  • Attaches to slide carriers with slip-in or pin-on hooks
  • Headings can be suspended under the track or over the face of the track
  • Fullness Options:  200%, 250%, 300% (fullness is typically 200-250%)
  • Selvage edges are removed or clipped before fabrication as necessary
  • Multiple widths joined using overlocked serged seams and safety stitch
  • Headings consist of 4.0″ wide buckram folded into the fabric before stitching
  • Bottom hem: 4.0” double-folded
  • Side hems: 1.5” double-turned folds
  • Includes 0.25 oz. corner square lead weights
  • Blind stitched using thread to complement fabric color


  • 2-pass blackout — white/gray, ivory/gray
  • 3-pass blackout — white/white, white/ecru, ivory/white, ivory/ecru
  • Cotton polyester — white/ecru
  • Interlining (flannel) — white
  • Lining is recommended for all drapery (however, unlined drapery is available upon request)
  • Blackout lining is dry clean only and cannot be laundered.


  • Cord Draw — can be specified with a tension pulley to hold down cord for safety issues
  • Hand Draw – no baton or cord is used, and drapery is drawn by hand making this application excellent for healthcare facilities
  • Baton — available in 36″, 48″, and 60″ lengths
  • ADA Baton — 3/8″ Fiberglass with a loop
  • Motorized Mechanisms and Carriers — supplied per client specification
  • Drapery tracks composed of extruded aluminum finished with PPC in white color (standard)


All work is performed to meet the following requirements:

  • Drapery fabricated to size specifications within 0.5″ lengths and 1.0″ widths
  • Fabrics pattern-matched according to commercial standards
  • Multiple-width drapery is overlock stitched with half-widths placed on the return side of the drapery
  • Side hems are blind stitched
  • Drapery linings are joined by overlocking and finished with 2.5″ hem
  • Linings are placed 0.75″ above the bottom of a drapery
  • Order as rod length x finished length.

Glydea® ULTRA— Drapery Motor

With one track, two motors and various control modules, Glydea® offers a wide range of options for any project requirement.



Irismo™ 45 WireFree RTS — Drapery Motor

Battery operated and compact solution for motorized drapery.


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