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30% Openess

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Maximum Fabric/Shade Width: 94″
UV Blockage: Approximately 70%
Composition: 100% Polyester (PVC Free)
Fabric Weight: 4.9 oz/yd²
Fabric Thickness: 0.015″
Railroad Available: No
Printable Available: Yes – 92″ Max
Fire Classification: NFPA 701-10, TM#1, California U.S. Title 19
Operating System: RB 500 Operating System with manual chain and ANSI compliant cord tensioner, manual crank, and motorization

Note: Several factors determine the maximum length of fabric. Please send project-specific specifications to our quoting department for more information.

Care and Cleaning

Light dusting with a feather duster is recommended. Spot cleaning may be done with mild detergent. Pretest a small inconspicuous area first before proceeding with spot cleaning. Do not saturate — this may cause noticeable spotting.


Solar Optical Properties


Shading Coefficient (Single)

1/4" CL1/4" HA

The fenestration property tests were conducted by Matrix, Inc. at its Mesa, AZ solar laboratory. The samples were tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 74-1988 "Methods of Solar Optical Properties Materials". The Solar Transmittance (TS), Solar Reflectance (AS), Solar Absorption (AS), Visual Light Transmittance (TV) and Openness Factor were determined for fabric alone. The Shading Coefficients (SC) were determined for the fabric used with a 1/4" clear plate (CL) and a 1/4" heat (HA) plate. The TS, RS, AS, and TV are expressed in percentages. The solar optical properties are used to calculate the shading coefficient. The shading coefficient represents the percentage of solar heat gain that is transmitted to the interior through the glass and shading system. Darker colors provide maximum glare reduction and visibility.

* Please note that the Openness Factor is an approximation and may vary from color to color in the same fabric due to the color and manufacturing process.