Fan Dance

Harlow a collection of patterns that embody the spirit of the Art Deco period. One of the most fashionable design movements in modern art spanning from 1925 to the 1940s. Art Deco featured crisp angular shapes, repeated forms, sweeping curves, and bold colors. Harlow’s four patterns embrace and celebrate the architectural and decorative influences of the movement.

Recommended applications

  • Blackout
  • Light Filtering
French Blue
Shade FabricOpennessCompositionMax WidthRailroadedDouble Sided Printing
Clarity1%, 3%, 5%, 10%64% Vinyl, 36% Fiberglass120"Yes1% and 3% only
Dawn1%, 3%, 5% 64% Vinyl, 36% Fiberglass 120" Yes1% and 3% only
Eclipse™0%100% Polyester with Acrylic Coating (PVC-free)124"YesYes
Fine Lines30%100% Polyester (PVC-free)92"n/aNo
Flare 3%, 5% 64% Vinyl, 36% Fiberglass96" n/aNo
Lucca0% 100% Polyester with Acrylic Coating 116"n/aYes
Luna1%, 3%, 5%, 10%78% PVC, 22% Polyester116"Yes1% and 3% only
Valencia 18%100% Polyester 114"Yesn/a
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